Meetings Programme

THE HERITAGE CIRCLE is a friendly and informal History Group:

Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm in Rickinghall Village Hall, Hinderclay Road


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Why not scroll down for details of some of our past talks and events or click "Reports of Previous Meetings" tab above to gain an insight into what was presented by our fascinating speakers:


27th January '16

Experiences as a Fine Art Auctioneer

Neil Lanham

24th February '16

Enjoying Heraldry

Derek Palgrave

23rd March '16

Follies and Oddities of Suffolk

Peter Driver

27th April '16

'You'll Make a Lovely Sergeant' – The WW1 experienes of Flora Sandes, the only British woman to fight in the Trenches

Jannette Robinson

25th May '16

The Buston School Strike

Anne May

22nd June '16

Medieval Brewing

Richard Smith

27th July '16

The villages lost in the creation of STANTA

Georgette Vale talking as Lucilla Reeve

24th August '16

A History of Bury Gaol

Tessa West

28th September '16

A Short History of Shopping

Linda Sexton

26th October '16

Suffolk Place Names

Geoffrey Robinson

23rd November '16

The Whistlecraft Family of Rickinghall

Pip Wright

14thDecember '16

Christmas Social inc. Buffet Supper & 'My Life as a Royal Bodyguard'

David Reeve



Programme for 2015

28th January '15

Magic, Mystery and Blood: The Life of Oliver Cromwell

Tony Diamond

25th February '15

Lucky is the name: The story of a Suffolk farming family as told by Alf Burrows 1904-1969

Pip Wright

25th March '15

Made in Ipswich: Manufacturing in Ipswich from pottery exported in 600AD through mediaeval shipbuilding to the present day

Brian Dyes

22nd April '15

Servants in Suffolk Country Houses

Nick Sign

27th May '15

Pakenham Watermill and Thelnetham Windmill

David Eddershaw & Chris Mills

24th June '15

Pretty Corsets in Suffolk: William Pretty & Son: a Suffolk family and corset manufacturer

Roger Kennell

22nd July '15

Master Mason Hawes of Occold

Dave Steward

26th August '15

Redgrave Park: a nostalgic look at the Park through the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries

Tim Holt-Wilson

23rd September '15

100 Not Out! 100 years of the Diocese of St Edmundsbury

Roy Tricker

28th October '15

Stowmarket's Gun Cotton Factory Explosionof 1871

Sue and Steve Williams

25th November '15

The Bayeux Tapestry: The story of 1066, the year of three kings

Mark Mitchels

9th December '15

Christmas Social




Programme for 2014

22nd January '14

Venice Past to Present

Frances Hart

26th February '14

The Origin and Development of Surnames

Derek Palgrave

26th March '14

The History of Advertising

Stuart Bowell

23rd April '14

It’s a Grave Business

Peter Driver

28th May '14

The Six Wives of Henry VIII (a change from earlier notifications)

Tony Diamond

25th June '14

And the Bands played on – a tribute to village & town bands that survived World War 1

David Cawdell

23rd July '14

1349 – 1500 The impact of the Black Death on Rickinghall

Richard Smith

27th August '14

Suffolk Children in Care – The story of St. John’s Home

Linda Sexton

24th September '14

AGM followed by Life as a Suffolk Auctioneer

Neil Lanham

22nd October '14

Foul Murders in East Anglia

Mark Wabe

26th November '14

Government Revenue Earning Schemes through the Centuries

Sarah Doig

10th December '14

Christmas Social: The Yanks Are Coming (including light finger buffet)

Linda Scoles

Annual Subscription:   £10.00

Single Meeting:           £2.00

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Pakenham Watermill and Thelnetham Windmill