Reports of Previous Meetings

Below are various reports of previous talks to the Circle:

November 2017: Stuart Bowell, History from Old Photographs

October 2017: Mrs. Mozart - the life and times of Mozart as told by his wife

September 2017: Suffolk Connections to the Battle of Waterloo

August 2017: Elizabeth Fry - the story of a remarkable woman told in costume

July 2017: Nuggets of History - secrets of Norwich Cathedral

June 2017: A Job for Life - the history of apprenticeships and guilds

May 2017: Miss Savidge Moves House

April 2017: The work and history of the Bury St Edmunds Magistrates Court

March 2017: The Crystal Palace and the Great Exhibition of 1851

February 2017: The Mid Suffolk light Railway

January 2017: Rudyard Kipling - his life and work

December 2016: My Life as a Royal Bodyguard 

November 2016: The Whistlecraft Family of Rickinghall

October 2016: Suffolk Placenames

September 2016: A Short History of Shopping

August 2016: A History of Bury Gaol

July 2016: The villages lost in the creation of Stanta

June 2016: Medieval Brewing

May 2016: The Burston Strike School

April 2016: ‘You’ll Make A Lovely Sergeant’

March 2016: Follies and Oddities of Suffolk

February 2016: Enjoying Heraldry

January 2016: Experiences as a Fine Art Auctioneer

December 2015: The History of Christmas

November 2015: The Bayeux Rapestry: The Story of 1066, the year of three kings

October 2015: Stomarket's Gun Cotton Factory Explosion of 1871

September 2015: 100 Not Out!

August 2015: Entertainment in Elizabethan England

July 2015: Stanta Vist

July 2015: Master Mason Hawes of Occold

June 2015: Pretty Corsets in Suffolk:William Pretty & Son, a Suffolk family and corset manufacturer

May 2015: Pakenham Watermill and Thelnetham Windmill

April 2015:  Servants in Suffolk Country Houses

March 2015:  Made in Ipswich

February 2015:  Lucky is the Name

January 2015: Magic, Mystery and Blood – the life of Oliver Cromwell

December 2014: The Yanks are Coming

November 2014: Government Revenue Earning Schemes through the Centuries

October 2014: Foul Murders in East Anglia

September 2014: Life as a Suffolk Auctioneer

August 2014: Suffolk Children in Care – The story of St. John’s Home

July 2014: 1349 – 1500 The impact of the Black Death on Rickinghall

June 2014: And the Band Played On

May 2014: The Six Wives of Henry VIII

April 2014: It's a Grave Business

March 2014:    The History of Advertising

February 2014:  The Origin and Development of Surnames

January 2014:    Venice Past And Present

December 2013:  Christmas Festivities

November 2013:  Of Cabbages and Kings - Inn Signs